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I'm pharmacist Christi Larson, Pharm. D. and I'm happy to bring you the book Empowered Medicine: A Guide for Consumers. Empowered Medicine is the ONLY book that takes the official medical guidelines for health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and atrial fibrillation and explains them in layman's terms so you can learn which drugs may actually work better for you and have less side effects.

You will also find out which drugs might help you live longer (based on data from scientific studies on mortality) and save money. The book Empowered Medicine is designed to be easy to navigate because each chapter outlines a new health condition where critical information about the condition is covered.

How would you like to get off of one or more of your medications? How would it feel to know you're saving $200 a month on your prescription medications? What would it be like to lose that extra 10 pounds and conquer your high cholesterol? The pharmacist health coaches at Empowered Medicine can provide you with the coaching and tools you need to create the positive shifts in your health and in your life that you crave. The road to the change you've been seeking starts here.

The book allows you to plug in your own numbers so you can find out specifically which medication may be right for you based on recommendations from official guidelines and scientific data.

The worksheets in the back allow for easy documentation of your own health information and numbers such as blood pressures and lab values. This allows for easy calculations and sharing with your doctor.

There is also a summary of each condition at the end of each chapter which serves as a great review. This is the family health reference that no home library should be without.

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